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*Viz for HCM not available for sale. Investigational use only.

AI-Powered Care Coordination is the leading AI-powered care coordination platform for disease detection and workflow optimization

The Viz Platform is a solution that uses artificial intelligence to connect care teams earlier, increasing the speed of diagnosis and care and optimizing clinical care pathways across hospitals and health systems - ensuring the right patient gets to the right specialist at the right time.

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The Platform

Intelligent Care Coordination (ICC) is the future of care. Powered by AI (artificial intelligence), ICC replaces out-dated, conventional care practices with a single platform, enabling care teams to save time, reduce leakage, and improve the lives of patients.

Intelligent Care Coordination Workflow

Alerts Enhanced by AI

Viz coordinates care by connecting frontline HCPs to specialists earlier in the workflow enabling activation of care teams sooner, and streamlining the consultation process.


  • Quickly alert multidisciplinary teams
  • Customizable by disease state and imaging modality
  • Enhanced by AI for immediate team activation

High-Fidelity Mobile and Web Image Viewing

Proprietary compression software enables immediate and dynamic mobile image viewing using wifi or your cellular network.


  • CT, CTA, MRI, X-Ray, EKG, Ultrasound, etc.
  • Proprietary compression enables review even with low cellular service
  • 3D manipulation and customizable window and level

Real-Time Patient Information

Immediately access and update relevant information about the patient as soon it is entered into the app or the EHR.


  • Clinical information is easily updated in-app
  • Updates to clinical information automatically alert the care team and can be viewed in the patient log
  • Chronological logging of patient information provides real time picture of where the patient is in the clinical pathway

HIPAA-Compliant Communication

The Viz HIPAA-compliant text messaging and calling platform empowers clinical teams to conveniently coordinate patient care and treatment decisions in a single hospital and more complex networks.


  • HIPAA-compliant group messaging
  • Convenient colleague directory and calling
  • Automatically share patient information

Security Certificates

Viz has received numerous certificates for achieving and exceeding security standards including SOC 2, the most demanding validation guaranteeing best in class cloud compliance.
Andy Draper
HCA Continental Division

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