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Intelligent Care Coordination’s mission is to fundamentally improve how healthcare is delivered in the world, through intelligent software that promises to reduce time to treatment, improve access to care and speed the diffusion of medical innovation
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Viz Saves Time by Synchronizing Stroke Care

¹ Froehler, M et al. STRATIS Registry.Circulation. 2017 and Viz customer data.

World's Largest AI Detection Data Set

Real World LVO Performance

In CTAs from 2,544 consecutive patients across 139 US hospitals using scanners from multiple manufacturers,* Viz LVO has demonstrated 96% sensitivity and 94% specificity identifying LVOs. This is the only peer reviewed data describing the performance of AI powered stroke triage in the real world from any manufacturer.

*Shalitin et al. AI-powered stroke triage system performance in the wild. Journal of Experimental Stroke &Translational Medicine. 2020;12(3):03

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Viz LVO Chart: Specificity of 96%, Specificity of 94%, LVO Prevalence 6% (163/2544). Patients from 139 Hospitals (n=2544) Citation: Shalitin et al. AI-powered stroke triage system performance in the wild. Journal of Experimental Stroke & Translational Medicine. 2020;12(3):03.

Viz LVO receives first New Technology Add-On Payment from CMS for AI Software

Viz LVO is the first and only AI software to be awarded Medicare's exclusive New Technology Add-On Payment. Viz LVO uniquely demonstrated substantial clinical benefit to patients and stands alone from any other software on the market. This additional payment is meant to help drive the adoption of specific, new, and clinically validated technology by helping cover its cost.

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Impact of NTAP

Viz is Clinically Validated demonstrated a reduction in time to treatment, improved clinical outcomes, and increased access to care for stroke patients.

Chart showing how saves time with 39% Mean Reduction in Time from PSC Imaging to CSC Arrival (min).
Chart showing how improves clinical outcomes with Mean 5-Day NIHSS and Discharge mRS; median 90-Day mRS (p<0.05)
Chart showing how increases access to care with a 16% increase in patients that qualify for thrombectomy.

New white paper details Viz's technology, clinical and financial benefit and impact during COVID-19.

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Illustration of White Paper

Viz and Amazon Have Teamed up for a Special Edition of their “This is My Architecture” Web Series is the subject of the latest episode in the Amazon Web Services video series “This is My Architecture”. Adrian De Luca from Amazon Web Services discusses how is changing the outcomes of urgent stroke care, and how the Viz product suite promises to “dramatically increase survival and recovery rates”.

University of Utah physicians Dr. Ramesh Grandhi & Adan De Havenon demonstrate how’s AI powered stroke care solutions greatly improve their stroke workflow, along with CTO and Co-Founder Dr. David Golan sharing the origin story. Intelligent Care Coordination


AI Powered LVO Detection

Viz LVO uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify suspected large vessel occlusion strokes on CT angiogram imaging in your network and to alert your on-call stroke team within minutes.

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Automated CTP Analysis

Viz CTP uses advanced imaging technology to automatically analyze CT perfusion images of the brain, produce parametric color maps, and calculate CT perfusion parameters.

Two phone showing Viz CTP screens.
Two phones showing two Viz HUB screens.


HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Viz HUB is a secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging and calling platform that empowers clinical teams to conveniently coordinate patient care and treatment decisions between hospitals in a hub and spoke network.


Mobile DICOM Image Viewer

Viz VIEW is a mobile, non-diagnostic image viewer that enables the dynamic viewing of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images on any Android or Apple phone.

Two phone showing Viz VIEW screens.
Raul Nogieura
“Its dramatic. I may be sitting in angio with PACCs next to me and I get a consult. Instead of logging into PACCs, I pull my phone from my pocket and I search Viz. I don’t need to log into the computer, wait, and search for the patient. Viz is fast, its interface is immediate response and user friendly. Viz is easy to use and always in my pocket.”

Dr. Raul Nogueira

Interventional Neurologist, P.I. of DAWN, Past President of SVIN

Dr. Don Frei
“With Viz we treat more patients faster and they do better”

Dr. Don Frei

Director, Neurointerventional Surgery, Radiology Imaging Associates/RIA Neurovascular and Swedish Medical Center, Denver

Jayme Strauss
"Viz helps identify patients for treatment quicker, triage patients to the right center quicker, treat eligible patients for thrombectomy, and increase mechanical thrombectomy treatment rates driving higher contribution margins."

Jayme Strauss, RN, MSN, MBA, SCRN

Executive Director of Neuroscience Piedmont Healthcare in the News
Dr. Italo Linfante's testimonial of