Proactive Stroke Pathway™


An Intelligent Solution to Reactionary Stroke Care. is an applied artificial intelligence company in healthcare. We are using deep learning technology to automatically detect and directly alert the on-call stroke physician about suspected large vessel occlusions (LVOs) on CT angiographic (CTA) imaging within minutes. Additionally, we use advanced technology to automatically process CT perfusion images of the brain and to provide HIPAA-compliant mobile viewing and messaging software.



A Family of Products Designed to Seamlessly Work Together

Automated detection of suspected LVOs and patient triage, together with mobile viewing and secure messaging. 




Automated LVO Detection

Viz LVO uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically identify suspected LVOs on CTA imaging in your network and to alert your on-call stroke physician within minutes. 


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Automated CTP Analysis

Viz CTP uses advanced imaging technology to automatically analyze CT perfusion images of the brain, produce parametric color maps, and calculate CT perfusion parameters. 


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