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Improving patient access to innovative treatments—through AI-powered disease detection, mobile workflow optimization, and care team coordination.

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Detect more patients

AI-Powered Disease Detection

Automatically detect disease using AI and notify physicians in real time. Covering all major imaging modalities, including MRI, CT scan, ECG, and ultrasound.


Activate Physicians in Real Time

>90% of Viz notifications are viewed within 5 minutes. More than 45,000 healthcare providers are on the One platform, from cardiologists, radiologists, and neurologists to ED and Trauma care teams.

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Improve disease-specific workflows

Elevate disease awareness

AI detection and notifications increase disease awareness and facilitates referral to more appropriate care pathways.


Guide diagnostic follow-up

In-app workflow tools facilitate next steps and accelerate patients towards the right care pathway, diagnostic workup, and care.

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Connect patients to the right provider

Triage to key specialists

Patients are automatically triaged to the most relevant specialist or care team, saving time, optimizing care and improving patient outcomes.


Facilitate collaboration

HIPAA-compliant image sharing and texting between HCPs and specialists facilitates the appropriate workup and specialized care.

The Power of the Network




HCP Users


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Precision targeting of every patient's "medical moment of truth"

In partnership with life science partners, builds a customized software module, powered by AI, to help detect disease earlier in more patients. And is there for the next step, directing the patient to the right specialist, which helps to increase access to life-saving treatments. As a comprehensive, end-to-end platform, represents a very strong value proposition for medtech and pharma, particularly in the specialty launch space.

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Meet care pathway challenges head on

Solving communication breakdown between providers

Closing gaps in delayed diagnosis and referrals

Streamlining broken workflows through technology

Minimizing misdiagnoses or referring patients down the wrong pathway