GDPR and DPA 2018 Privacy Notice for Netherlands BV and Viz Group Customers, Suppliers and Business Associates

Version 1: December 2023

1. Introduction

This Privacy Notice provides information on the collection, use and sharing of personal information by Netherlands BV, Group and its business partners. It covers the processing of your data when you interact with Netherlands BV and Group or our business partners because of our marketing activities, use of our website or during our day-to-day business to business support activities for our customers, suppliers and business associates.

This Privacy Notice also explains the privacy rights you have in relation to the processing activities undertaken by Netherlands BV, by Group and our business partners on your Personal Data. Personal Data means information that identifies an individual or information that could be used to identify an individual.

This Privacy Notice does not refer to the information processed by the application. A separate GDPR and DPA 2018 Privacy Notice for this can be found at

2. Scope of Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice applies to the processing of personal information by Netherlands BV and Group belonging to visitors and users of the website, attendees of Netherlands BV and Group events. Customers and prospective customers, their representatives, suppliers, and business partners of Netherlands BV and Group. View more details

3. Who is Responsible for Processing Your Personal Data? is Netherlands and Group are responsible for processing your information as described in this Privacy Notice. View more details Netherlands BV and Group have partnered with Medronic Europe and undertake joint activities together to further sales, marketing and business development. Medtronic EU are a seperate organisation to Netherlands BV and Group and have different policies. Their privacy statement can be found at

4. What categories of Personal Data do we Process? Netherlands BV and Group processes both online and offline data that may directly or indirectly identify you. View more details

5. How do we use Your Personal Data?

We use your personal information to respond to your requests, to deliver and improve functionality on our website, to process orders and contracts, to sell our services and to comply with applicable laws. View more details

6. What is our Lawful Basis for Processing your Personal Data Netherlands BV and Group will only process your Personal Data if there is a legal reason to do so that is recognised under the GDPR and Applicable Law. View more details

7. How Long do we Keep Your Personal Data? Netherlands BV and Group keeps your data only for as long as is necessary to provide our products and services to you or to fulfil a legal obligation that requires us to keep records for a defined period. View more details

8. How do we Share Your Personal Information?

Your personal information is only shared for a specified purpose within Netherlands BV and Group, with our suppliers, business partners and with lawful authorities such as government and law enforcement agencies.  View more details

9. How is Personal Data Exported?

As an international organisation Netherlands BV and Viz Group exports data to fulfil its business obligations and operations. Where we export data we always ensure that the appropriate controls are in place to protect your Personal Data before it is exported. View more details

10. How is Personal Data Secured Netherlands BV and Group conform to several internationally recognised standards that assure the appropriate organisational, technical, and physical security measures are in place to protect your Personal Data against accidental, unlawful destruction or loss, damage, alteration disclosure, access, or use. View more details

11. What Cookies Does Netherlands BV and Group Use on its Website

A full list of cookies along with our cookie Notice can be found here.

12. What are Your Privacy Rights?

You can choose to opt-out of third-party sharing, under certain circumstances you can object to our processing your data, you can also restrict our use of your personal information, you can also request us to delete, change or correct your personal information. You can also request to see what personal information we hold on you. View more details

13. Data Protection Officer and Representative Offices Netherlands BV and Group have appointed a UK and EU Data Protection Officer who can be contacted regarding all data protection matters pertaining to Netherlands BV and Group via email to Further contact details are given below. View more details

14. Disputes or Filing a Complaint

If you have any complaints, please contact Netherlands BV in the first instance via our DPO where we will assist you where we can. If we cannot resolve your issue and you wish to complain, you can do so by contacting the data protection supervisory authority for your country or jurisdiction. Further information can be found here. View more details

15. Offices Netherlands BV can be contacted via post at: Netherlands BV
Stadhouderlaan 188
Netherlands is a group company with subsidiaries in the UK, Netherlands and Israel. It is headquartered in the United States and can be contacted at: Inc
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