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Optimizing the Post-Acute Stroke Pathway


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Direct the right patients for follow up

Use AI detection and notifications to increase disease awareness and facilitate referral to more appropriate care pathways. AI-powered detection of these strokes allows more patients to complete the post-acute stroke pathway and reach appropriate treatment.

Go from “now what?” to “now this”

With AI-powered cryptogenic stroke workflows, you can collaborate with physicians in real-time, reducing time to patient consultation. Minimize wait times for appropriate consults and schedule referrals before the patient is discharged, improving the patient experience.

Chat freely, broadly, securely

Our HIPAA-compliant solution allows you to chat and share images with the care team to facilitate the appropriate workup and activate a referral to cardiology, optimizing care for improved patient outcomes.

Improving the Delivery of Care


average increase in inpatient cardiology follow-up1


increase in cardiac monitor case volumes2

<5 min

average cardiology response time1

The Post-Acute Stroke Game Changer: Viz CONNECT

Emily Perrinez, RN, MSN, MPH, Director, Telehealth Program at UCSD sat down with Stephanie Rubenstein, RN, SCRN, Clinical Lead for Viz Connect at to discuss using Viz Connect. and Medtronic Collaborate to Improve Post-Acute Stroke Patient Care in the United States

Collaboration aims to help cryptogenic stroke patients receive necessary cardiology follow-up to reduce risk of secondary stroke, Inc., the leader in AI-powered disease detection and intelligent care coordination, today announced a strategic collaboration with Medtronic to improve the coordination of cryptogenic stroke patient care between the neurology and cardiology teams. For stroke patients who are at risk of atrial fibrillation (“AF”) post-stroke and may need additional cardiac monitoring, stroke care teams in the U.S. will have the opportunity to use the Viz Connect™ solution, a software tool that automates the communication across disciplines, including neurology and cardiology.

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1 Medtronic DiVERT Study, October 8, 2022
2 Meyer B, et al. Coordinating Options for Neurovascular patients Needing Electrophysiology Consults and Treatments. Interim results presented at ISC 2024