This is Viz Trauma™.

A comprehensive software solution tailored for trauma care providers to expedite patient care and improve outcomes

Review imaging and communicate with the entire care team––anytime, anywhere

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Streamlined care. Exceeding new standards.

Receive alerts in real-time

Review images and case context

Respond and connect with the entire care team

Team activation at the touch of a button

Activate the trauma team response. In record time.


Activate your entire care team to expedite decision-making and treatments

  • Alerts appropriate surgical specialists
  • Retains timestamps for guideline reporting and performance improvement initiatives
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Access from your phone

  • Display various imaging modalities
  • Improve image sharing across referring and treating centers
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Streamline workflow

  • Simple access to imaging and critical information–anytime, anywhere
  • Communicate with the entire team with the push of a button
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Meeting ACS trauma standards every time.

Level 1 and 2 trauma centers require continuous availability of human and physical resources to initiate endovascular or interventional radiology procedures for hemorrhage control within 60 minutes of request.

Is your trauma center ready to meet the ACS trauma standards?

IR acceptance to arterial access

With 60 mins

Ortho response to patient bedside

With 30 mins

Neurosurg response time and evaluation

With 30 mins

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