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Large vessel occlusion

Reduces time to treatment

  • Automatically detects and triages suspected large vessel occlusions (LVO)
  • Proven to reduce door-in-door-out (DIDO) and door-to-groin (DTG) times
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VALIDATE: Validation of Artificial Intelligence to Limit Delays in Acute Stroke Treatment and Endovascular Therapy

Hospital utilization of an AI-based care coordination platform was associated with a significant decrease of 39.5 minutes in the time to NIR contact, increase in patients taken for intervention, and lower DTN times for thrombolytics.


Computed tomography perfusion

Reduces motion artifact

  • Automatically analyzes CTP images of the brain with quantified color-coded perfusion maps
  • AI-powered motion artifact correction resulting in 50% fewer motion artifact errors vs. other CTP vendors
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A comparison of two automated CTP algorithms for estimation of core infarct

There was not a statistically significant difference in calculated rCBF<30% volumes between Viz or Rapid, compared to the manually segmented volumes from the 24 hour diffusion MRI.


Detect suspected hemorrhage no matter where the patient is presenting

  • Automatically detects all types of suspected ICH across all institutions
  • Alerts the on-call team within minutes to efficiently triage manage ICH remotely
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Kalagara R et al. Automated Detection of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Using Artificial Intelligence: Pilot Deployment of Viz ICH

Viz ICH has the potential to be an adjunct tool to streamline ICH triage, reduce treatment delays, and improve outcomes of patients presenting with ICH.


Subdural hemorrhage

Early, accurate detection of subdural hemorrhages

  • Automatically detects suspected subdural hemorrhage in NCCT scans
  • Discover, monitor, and collaborate on cases involving previously unidentified subdural hemorrhages in patients
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Automated detection and analysis of subdural hematomas using a machine learning algorithm

Viz SUBDURAL CNN performed exceptionally well at identifying and quantifying key features of SDHs in an independent validation imaging data set.


Cerebral aneurysm

Seamless care coordination for incidental cerebral aneurysm

  • Automatically detects suspected cerebral aneurysms in computed tomography angiography (CTA)
  • Find, follow, and consult with patients with a previously undetected cerebral aneurysm
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Validation of an automated machine learning algorithm for the detection and analysis of cerebral aneurysms

The described Aneurysm CNN performed well in identifying the presence or absence of IAs in an independent validation imaging set. Further studies are necessary to investigate the impact of the software on detection rates in a real-world setting.

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