Radiology scan of a possible subdural hematoma

Viz Subdural

This is our AI-powered solution for subdural care coordination.

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Picture collage of two doctors discussing patient scans, and a doctor discussing diagnosis with a patient.

Early detection of subdural hemorrhages

Our solution auto-detects both acute and chronic subdural hemorrhages. Early AI-powered detection of subdural hemorrhages allows timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.


Streamlined workflow

The automated detection capabilities of Viz Subdural help streamline the workflow for healthcare professionals, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency in the diagnosis process.


Chat freely, broadly, securely

The HIPAA-compliant platform lets you chat with anyone on the care team. Transfer data seamlessly through the secure cloud-native platform and connect with the entire care team across referring and treating centers while minimizing treatment delays.

Reduced Hospital Costs


Hospital Cost


Post Acute Cost


Annual Payer Impact

Clinical Study

Automated detection and analysis of subdural hematomas using a machine-learning algorithm

Viz Subdural CNN performed exceptionally well at identifying and quantifying key features of subdural hemorrhages in an independent validation imaging data set.

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