Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) scan

Viz Hemorrhage

This is our AI-powered solution for acute and chronic brain hemorrhage, designed to seamlessly work together to detect and quantify brain hemorrhage.

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Picture collage of a doctor discussing diagnosis with a patient, and a patient in a CT scan machine

Automated notifications

Automatic AI detection of suspected acute and chronic hemorrhage down to 1 ml.

Real-time ICH detection and quantification

Consistent, accurate measurements available on desktop and mobile device for decision making on-the-go.

Empowering Precision in Intracerebral Hemorrhage Detection

Viz Hemorrhage harnesses the power of AI to provide precise and reliable detection and quantification of intracerebral hemorrhages. Accurate volume measurements of brain bleeds are crucial for assessing the severity of cases, monitoring progression, and planning treatment strategies.

Enhancing Clinical Efficiency and Workflow

With its seamless integration into existing workflow systems, Viz Hemorrhage streamlines the detection and measurement process*, saving valuable time for healthcare teams and optimizing workflow efficiency.


minutes faster than the standard of care


seconds from CT imaging to alert

Clinical study

Christopher Kellner et al. Artificial Intelligence-Driven Automated Intracerebral Hemorrhage Volume Calculation is More Accurate than ABC/2 more accurately estimates ICH volume than ABC/2 over a broad range of hematoma volumes when compared to standard semi-automated segmentation (SAS), which when coupled with significantly faster analysis compared to SAS justifies the use of AI in ICH triage workflow.

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