Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) scan

Viz Hemorrhage

This is our AI-powered solution for intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), combining Viz ICH for detection and Viz ICH Plus for quantification.

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Picture collage of a doctor discussing diagnosis with a patient, and a patient in a CT scan machine

Automated notifications

Now you can receive immediate notifications of critical findings, ensuring timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.

Real-time ICH detection and quantification

Advanced AI algorithms analyze head CT scans and alert relevant care teams of suspected ICH in seconds. automates the process of identifying, labeling, and quantifying the volume of segmentable brain structures on non-contrast computed tomography (NCCT) images, analyzing intracranial hyperdensities, lateral ventricles and midline shift for timely and informed treatment decisions.

Empowering Precision in Intracerebral Hemorrhage Detection

Viz Hemorrhage harnesses the power of AI to provide precise and reliable detection and quantification of intracerebral hemorrhages. Accurate volume measurements of brain bleeds are crucial for assessing the severity of cases, monitoring progression, and planning treatment strategies.

Enhancing Clinical Efficiency and Workflow

With its seamless integration into existing workflow systems, Viz Hemorrhage streamlines the detection and measurement process*, saving valuable time for healthcare teams and optimizing workflow efficiency.


minutes faster than the standard of care


seconds from CT imaging to alert


reduction in length of stay

Clinical study

Kalagara R et al. Automated Detection of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Using Artificial Intelligence: Pilot Deployment of Viz ICH

Viz ICH has the potential to be an adjunct tool to streamline ICH triage, reduce treatment delays, and improve outcomes of patients presenting with ICH.