Customer Resources

Customized Support for Your Center

Two doctors pointing at a laptop screen

Maximize Impact of Technology provides dedicated resources to all customers to support your team in defining your specific system goals, tracking metrics, and leveraging key resources to ensure your team is achieving your goals and continuously improving patient care.

Clinical and Workflow Specialists

  • Assess current state and conduct gap analyses of clinical workflows
  • Leverage best practices from across the country to create Viz optimized workflows
  • Provide workflow training across care teams
  • Define your Measures of Success for the Viz partnership capture those pre and post installation metrics
  • Metrics

    Customer Success Manager

  • Support adoption and utilization of Viz across care teams
  • Build customized Success Plan to achieve Measures of Success
  • Provide ongoing training and introduction to new features and best practices
  • Share data analytics and track progress towards Measures of Success
  • Insights

    Clinical Research Scientist

  • Understand the research questions and current gaps in evidence in the specific disease state to move the science forward
  • Partner with PI to develop study design and protocol to gather high impact real world evidence
  • Support with necessary data analysis and reporting
  • Collaborate on abstract and publication manuscripts