Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Education Series

Diagnosis, Therapeutics & Enhanced Pathways

A comprehensive program providing valuable insights into evidence-based best practices, using artificial intelligence (AI) for HCM, multidisciplinary care coordination, quality improvement strategies, and development of HCM programs.

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Committed to increasing patient access to life-saving therapies, Viz is hosting the CE-eligible hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) education series over the next 10 months. This series is designed in collaboration with leading experts in the management of HCM.

During this education series, we will:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of HCM
  • Share best practices in the care of the patient with HCM
  • Promote multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Educate on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for HCM
  • Access resources to optimize HCM care

    Overview of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


    Dr. Matthew Martinez, Director of HCM and Sports Cardiology Program, Morristown Medical Center/Atlantic Health System

    In the first session, Dr Matthew Martinez covers the definition, epidemiology, pathophysiology and the clinical presentation of HCM. Dr Martinez discusses the challenges and complexity of the disease and highlights the importance of building an HCM program.

    July 25, 2023

    7-8pm ET

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    Innovation in HCM by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)


    Dr. Joshua Lampert, MD and Dr. Josh Cheema, MD, MSCI, MSAI

    Joshua Lampert, MD, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medical Director of Machine Learning for Mount Sinai Heart

    Josh Cheema, MD, MSCI, MSAI, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Cardiology, Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, Center for AI, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

    In this session, Dr. Josh Lampert and Dr. Josh Cheema provides an overview of AI vs. machine learning vs. deep learning; AI for prediction, diagnosis in medicine with specific examples from cardiology and HCM. They will also discuss using AI to detect HCM, and the impact of AI on the HCM workflow and referrals.

    August 30, 2023

    7-8pm ET

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    Diagnostic Approaches in HCM


    Dr. Carolyn Ho, MD

    Medical Director, Cardiovascular Genetics Center, Brigham and Women’ Hospital, Harvard Medical School

    This session aims to assist learners to identify the genetic factors that influence disease expression and clinical outcomes; understand the process to clinically implement genetic testing in HCM to develop more personalized, precise, and proactive management plans for patients and families with HCM; and understand the roles, advantages, and limitations of the clinical examination, ECG, echocardiography, Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR).

    September 27, 2023

    7-8pm ET

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    Treatment Options for HCM


    Dr. Ronald Wharton, MD

    Director of HCM Program at NorthShore University Hospital (NSUH), Associate Professor, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

    Using a case review approach, this education session will cover pharmacological management in HCM and its implications for management of co-existing cardiovascular disorders.

    October 25, 2023

    7-8pm ET

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    Risk Stratification: HCM in Contemporary Sports Cardiology


    Dr. Eli Friedman, MD, FACC

    Medical Director of Sports Cardiology at the Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Baptist Health South Florida

    Dr. Friedman will cover the management of athletes with HCM in the contemporary sports cardiology era; The session will incorporate risk stratification tools and recommendations for physicians who care for athletes and highly active individuals with HCM.

    November 15, 2023

    7-8pm ET

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    Lifestyle Recommendations for HCM Patients


    Dr. Matthew Martinez, MD

    Director of HCM and Sports Cardiology Program, Morristown Medical Center/Atlantic Health System

    Dr. Matthew Martinez will present an overview of current research and recommendations for exercise and overall lifestyle recommendations for HCM patients.

    December 13, 2023

    7-8pm ET

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    Developing a Strategic Plan for an HCM Program

    January 2024

    This moderated panel discussion will cover: conducting market analysis and evaluating the demand for HCM services; organizational structure and stakeholder engagement; resource allocation and budgeting.

    Follow Up and Care Coordination

    February 2024

    This moderated panel discussion will cover: Building a one stop HCM Clinic, multidisciplinary collaboration, emerging therapies and research.

    The Viz Perspective: Establishing Clinical Pathways and Best Practices Across Clinics

    March 2024

    In this session, we will share best practices for multidisciplinary care coordination, and a toolkit to ​​build a hub-spoke HCM program.

    Quality Improvement and Program Evaluation

    April 2024

    The modules in this session include: Performance metrics and data analytics; patient experience and satisfaction; continuous professional development and education for staff involved in HCM care.

  • FAQs

    Who is the target audience for the HCM Education Series?

    The HCM education series is designed for healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with HCM. This may include Cardiologists, Internists, Primary Care Physicians, Geneticists, Advanced Practice Providers, Nurses, Cardiac Imaging Technologists, Echocardiographers, Healthcare Administrators, Allied Health Professionals.

    How can one participate in the HCM Education Series?

    Register through the links above for each upcoming session.

    All sessions will be delivered in a webinar, instructor-led format which will offer opportunities for Q&A. Each session will also be recorded and a link will be shared with all registrants.

    Is the HCM Education Series accredited for Continuing Education (CE) credits?

    CE credits for nurses will be provided through the California Board of Nursing.

    How will participants receive CE credits? Will they get a certificate?

    At registration, participants will provide their information needed to obtain their CE credits. The Viz Training team will email the CE certificate to all qualifying participants. Registrants will also have the ability to go to the Viz Learning Management System (LMS), where they can access the course materials, complete an assessment, and obtain their CE certificate.

    Are the HCM Education Series materials available after the event?

    Presentation materials, job aids, and recordings will be made available to all attendees and registrants after the event.

    If a participant registered but missed the session, is it possible to see a past session and get CE credits?

    Yes. The Viz Training team will contact all registrants to direct them to the Viz Learning Management System (LMS), where they can access the course materials, complete an assessment, and obtain their CE certificate.

    If a participant cannot attend the sessions, but would like to access the content later, is that possible?

    Yes. The Viz Training team will provide a link to the Viz Learning Management System (LMS), where they can access course materials (recordings of all sessions and job aids), and an optional assessment.

    Where can participants go if they are having issues accessing content or obtaining their CE credits?