Computed tomography (CT) perfusion imaging scan


This is our AI-powered solution designed to evaluate computed tomography (CT) perfusion imaging

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Advanced, high-speed imaging technology automatically analyzes CT perfusion images of the brain within minutes of image acquisition. Our solution automatically reduces motion artifacts by using an AI-powered overlay to provide a clear picture of patient status.


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Now you can review accurate estimations of ischemic penumbral and Tmax on your mobile device or desktop within minutes.


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Customize mismatched volume alert thresholds and activate the stroke team using our HIPAA-compliant platform.

Improved clinical outcomes


fewer motion artifact errors compared to other vendor CTP solutions

Clinical study

A comparison of two automated CTP algorithms for estimation of core infarct

There was no statistically significant difference in calculated rCBF <30% volumes between Viz or Rapid compared to the manually segmented volumes from the 24-hour diffusion MRI.

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