Viz Pulmonary Embolism

Intelligent Care Coordination for Pulmonary Embolism

PE Illustration

Automated Detection and Alerts of Suspected Pulmonary Embolism

  • AI-powered suspected pulmonary embolism detection
  • Intelligent activation of PERT team
  • Automated PE workflow 
  • High-fidelity mobile image viewer
  • Full-stack, HIPAA-compliant communication

AI-Powered PE Detection

The Viz PE module includes artificial intelligence to automatically detect suspected PEs on CTA imaging and directly alert the on-call PERT team about potentially treatable patients across a multi-hospital network.

  • AI-powered suspected PE detection
  • Real time specialist notifications
  • Fast triage across hub and spoke or within thrombectomy capable institutions
  • Progressive PERT activation PE notification PE scan

High-Fidelity Mobile Image Viewing

Proprietary compression software enables immediate and dynamic mobile image viewing using wifi or your cellular network.

  • CTA, CT, MR and Echo image viewing
  • Dynamic scrolling and windowing, in all orientations
  • 3D viewing and manipulation

Real Time Patient Information

Review and update patient key information relevant to PE in real time.

  • PE specific patient information including BNP, Troponin and RV/LV ratio
  • Alert care team as patient status changes
  • Summary of clinical presentation and current patient location PE scan
Full-Stack, HIPAA Compliant Communication

Full-Stack, HIPAA-Compliant Communication

The full-stack communication platform enables fast and easy, secure communication amongst the PERT team or directly with individual members of the care team.

  • Secure calling and messaging
  • Group messaging, direct messaging and patient specific chats
  • Health system directory and call log
  • Securely send and save case images and videos

Benefits to Your Center

Visibility and coordination across your health system

Visibility and coordination across your health system:

Detect and alert care teams of PE patients across your hub and spoke network that can benefit from treatment

Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved Patient Outcomes:

Enable specialists to easily facilitate care for patients across a health system to reduce time to treatment and improve clinical outcomes

Cost Savings

Cost Savings:

Increased access to patient imaging which is associated with decreased cost by reducing futile transfers and repeat imaging

Reduce Physician Burnout

Reduced Physician Burnout:

Easy access to imaging and clinical information upon alert facilitates faster and easier treatment decisions, saving time for your providers

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