Using AI to Become Pharma’s Next Superhero

For Nina Binetti, Vice President of Product and Life Science Marketing at Viz.ai, there is much reason for excitement about the application of AI in pharma.

“AI truly has the ability to change the way that we work, speed up the way that we work, and ultimately, which is what we’re all in it for in the first place, to improve patient care,” she states.

In this exclusive podcast, Binetti sits down with Mike Myers of CrowdPharm and Isabela Fernandes of Remedy Product Studio to discuss how AI is becoming an increasingly important tool for pharma companies.

Conversations center around the various ways in which AI is being deployed by industry players, from reorganizing teams and collaborating across functions to implementing AI for medical, legal and regulatory reviews.

Tune in to hear about the impact for patient treatment and internal operations, as well as the potential risks and barriers that pharma companies are navigating.