VIZ Team


Dec 14, 2023

Tentacles of Innovation: Meet Vizzy, the Mascot!

In the vast ocean of healthcare technology, where innovation is the key to unlocking a healthier future, proudly introduces its newest team member and mascot – Vizzy the Octopus! More than just an adorable face, Vizzy represents the multifaceted capabilities and adaptability that define the solutions provided by

Why an octopus, you ask? Well, much like our advanced AI-powered solutions, octopuses are incredibly intelligent creatures with the ability to adapt and problem-solve in their ever-changing environments. With eight tentacles, each equipped with its own unique set of skills, they embody the versatility and adaptability that we strive for in our AI healthcare technology.

Vizzy represents our mission of increasing access to lifesaving treatments and delivering intelligent, efficient AI-powered solutions for the healthcare industry. Here are a few reasons why our octopus mascot perfectly encapsulates our values:


Octopuses are known for their incredible adaptability. Similarly, our AI solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into the dynamic landscape of healthcare, adapting to the ever-evolving needs of patients, providers, and administrators.


With eight arms, an octopus can multitask and perform various activities simultaneously. Likewise, our AI technologies are versatile, offering a wide range of applications, ensuring a comprehensive approach to healthcare solutions.


Octopuses are highly intelligent creatures, known for their problem-solving skills. Our AI is built on the foundations of cutting-edge technology and machine learning, enabling it to analyze complex healthcare data and provide intelligent insights for better decision-making.


Just as octopuses are known for their unique and innovative behaviors, we at are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare technology. Vizzy serves as a reminder that creativity and forward-thinking are at the core of our mission.


Octopuses are social animals that often work together. Our AI solutions are designed to complement and enhance the efforts of healthcare professionals, fostering collaboration for improved patient outcomes.

At, Vizzy isn’t just a mascot; they’re a symbol of our dedication to excellence, intelligence, and adaptability in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare technology. As we continue to navigate the depths of innovation, Vizzy will be right there with us, embodying the spirit of intelligence that defines our AI healthcare solutions. With its friendly demeanor and eight welcoming arms, Vizzy invites us all to embrace the exciting possibilities that artificial intelligence brings to the world of healthcare. So, keep an eye out for Vizzy – your new favorite cephalopod friend on the frontlines of healthcare technology!