AI-Powered Intelligent Care Coordination
Connect multi-disciplinary care teams earlier, coordinate care, and improve outcomes for patients
Viz Platform
Alerts Enhanced by A.I.
Alerts Enhanced by AI
Quickly alert multidisciplinary teams

Customizable by disease state and imaging modality

Enhanced by AI for immediate team activation
Hi-Fidelity Mobile Image Viewing
High-Fidelity Mobile Image Viewing
CT, CTA, MRI, X-Ray, EKG, Ultrasound, etc.

Proprietary compression enables review even with low cellular service

3D manipulation and customizable window and level
Real Time Patient Information
Real Time Patient Information
Visualize and update real time patient information

Receive real time updates as patient status changes

Bi-directional EHR integration
HIPPA-Compliant Communication
HIPAA-Compliant Communication
Easily text or call anything within the Viz app at your institution

Securely message group and direct 1:1 chat

Asynchronous video sharing with patients

Intelligent Care Coordination

Intelligent Care Coordination Workflow

Viz alerts multidisciplinary care teams earlier in the workflow, coordinating care by connecting frontline health care professionals (HCPs) to specialists facilitating efficient communication and coordinating care.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Connecting care teams earlier in the workflow enables faster treatment decisions, significantly improving patient outcomes.

Discharge Improvement with Viz
Significant Time Savings with 66 minutes saved.

Increase Provider Productivity

Time saved increases provider productivity. With more time, providers can treat additional patients or recharge effectively when off call reducing physician burn out.

Hassan, A et al. Early Experience Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Shows Significant Reduction in Transfer Times and Length of Stay in a Hub and Spoke Model (n. 43).

Reduce Length of Stay

Reducing length-of-stay minimizes resources required to treat a patient. Less cost per patient and more available bed space increases your center’s capacity to treat more patients with the resources you already have.

Reduce LOS with
Increased Procedure Volume and Revenue Impact

Enhance Economics

Identifying more patients who benefit from therapy increases appropriate procedural volume. Improved care coordination reduces patient leakage enhancing operating economics.

AI Powered Alerts

Viz coordinates care by connecting frontline HCPs to specialists earlier in the workflow enabling activation of care teams sooner, and streamlining the consultation process. 

  • AI powered disease detection and alerts.
  • Easy to customize alerts by imaging modality and threshold.
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Specialist consult at the touch of a button Intelligent Care Coordination for Spine and Orthopedics

High-Fidelity Image Viewing On the Go

Proprietary compression software enables immediate and dynamic mobile image viewing using wifi or your cellular network.

  • Mobile image viewing for NCCT, CTA, CTP, X-ray, ultrasound and MR.
  • Dynamic scrolling, windowing, and orientation.

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Detailed, Real-Time Patient Information

Immediately access and update relevant information about the patient as soon it is entered into the app or the EHR. 

  • Clinical information is easily updated in-app.
  • Updates to clinical information automatically alert the care team and can be viewed in the patient log.
  • Chronological logging of patient information provides real time picture of where the patient is in the clinical pathway.
Download EHR Integration Brochure Intelligent Care Coordination for Clinical Information and Real-Time Patient Information
Phone with a message

HIPAA-Compliant Communication Platform

The Viz HIPAA-compliant text messaging and calling platform empowers clinical teams to conveniently coordinate patient care and treatment decisions in a single hospital and more complex networks.

  • HIPAA-compliant group messaging.
  • Convenient colleague directory & calling.
  • Automatically share patient information.
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Immediate Treatment Decisions

Activate your entire care team with just one click or schedule the patient to your clinic ensuring the patient receives follow-up.

Over simplified workflow

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