Automated Detection and Triage of Suspected ICH
Viz ICH on two mobile devices. One showing the automated detection and one showing the alert.

Automated Detection & Alert of Suspected ICH

  • AI Powered Suspected ICH Detection
  • Automated Alerts to Stroke Team
  • Automated ICH Workflow and Triage
  • Mobile DICOM Image Viewer
  • HIPAA-Compliant Texting & Calling
  • Mobile Care Coordination

Early Suspected ICH Detection

Viz ICH can analyze and alert stroke specialists within seconds

Diagram showing workflow for's ICH detection.

1 FDA 510(K) - K193658 for Viz ICH, n=104. 2020. Results may vary by site.

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Length of Stay and Cost by Treatment Arm Graph

Automated ICH Alerts

Early Alerts to Specialists Save Time

Graph showing Viz ICH workflow saving of 38 minutes.

1 FDA 510(K) - K193658 for Viz ICH, n=104. 2020. Results may vary bysite.

Standard Stroke Workflow vs Viz Synchronized Workflow

¹ Froehler, M et al. STRATIS Registry.Circulation. 2017 and Viz customer data.

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