Viz Pulmonary Embolism

AI-powered pulmonary embolism care coordination on a proven platform

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Automated detection and alerts of suspected pulmonary embolism

The Viz PE module facilitates efficient, AI-powered PE care coordination. Once a PE is detected, the care team can be immediately notified to quickly make a treatment decision.

The PE module includes the following functionality:

  • AI-powered alerts to detect PE
  • Automated PE workflow 
  • High-fidelity mobile image viewing
  • Real time patient information
  • Progressive PERT team activation
  • Full-stack, secure, HIPAA-compliant communication

AI-powered pulmonary embolism detection

The Viz PE module includes artificial intelligence to automatically detect suspected PEs on CTA imaging and directly alert the on-call PERT team about potentially treatable patients across a multi-hospital network.

  • AI-powered suspected PE detection
  • Real time specialist notifications
  • Fast triage across hub and spoke or within thrombectomy capable institutions
  • Progressive PERT activation PE notification
A screenshot demonstrating 3D mobile image viewing

Dynamic mobile image viewer in 3D

Proprietary compression software enables immediate and dynamic mobile image viewing using wifi or your cellular network.

  • CTA, CT, MR and Echo image viewing
  • Dynamic scrolling and windowing, in all orientations
  • 3D viewing and manipulation

Real-time patient information

Review and update patient key information relevant to PE in real time.

  • PE specific patient information including BNP, Troponin and RV/LV ratio
  • Alert care team as patient status changes
  • Summary of clinical presentation and current patient location
A screenshot of the patient information screen
Full-Stack, HIPAA Compliant Communication

Communication that is secure and HIPAA-compliant

The full-stack communication platform enables fast and easy, secure communication amongst the PERT team or directly with individual members of the care team.

  • Secure calling and messaging
  • Group messaging, direct messaging and patient specific chats
  • Health system directory and call log
  • Securely send and save case images and videos

Benefits to your center

Visibility and coordination across your health system

Visibility and coordination across your health system

Detect and alert care teams of PE patients across your hub and spoke network that can benefit from treatment.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved patient outcomes

Enable specialists to easily facilitate care for patients across a health system to reduce time to treatment and improve clinical outcomes.

Cost Savings

Cost savings

Increased access to patient imaging which is associated with decreased cost by reducing futile transfers and repeat imaging.

Reduce Physician Burnout

Reduced physical burnout

Easy access to imaging and clinical information upon alert facilitates faster and easier treatment decisions, saving time for your providers.

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