Viz™ LVO

Should They Stay Or Should They Go? The Impact Of AI-based Care Coordination On Stroke Patient Transfers Across A Hospital Network

A total of 1778 pre-Viz and 1779 post-Viz patients were compared. The post-Viz transfers significantly decreased by 33% (158 post-Viz vs 236 pre-Viz, p<0.0001) and the post-Viz patients receiving a CTA within our system increased by 64% (1167 post-Viz vs 710 pre-Viz, p<0.0001). The proportion of patients receiving a thrombolytic (tPA or TNK) who were cared for at the spokes was significantly higher post-Viz (74% vs 63%, p=0.02).


James Bonner et al.


Feb 02, 2023