Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Viz SDH
AI-powered Viz SDH automatically detects subdural hemorrhage, enables effective triage and optimal care
Renewed Reimbursement through 2022

Viz LVO (ContaCT) Granted Renewal of $1,040 Maximum New Technology Add-On Payment

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What is NTAP?

NTAP is an acronym for New Technology Add-On Payment. NTAP recognizes that current payment rates can be a barrier to adopting new technology. NTAP is an additional payment for hospital stays that use new technology determined by CMS to provide substantial clinical improvement and where the current MS-DRG payment would be inadequate. NTAP

Viz LVO (formally ContaCT) has demonstrated substantial clinical improvement to
CMS and has officially been granted a New Technology Add-On Payment

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Except from Federal  Register/ Vol.  85,  No.  182 / Friday,  September  18,  2020 / Rules  and  Regulations
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How CMS grants new technology add-on payments and determines substantial similarity

Former CMS Chief Data Officer Niall Brennan published an article where he explains the CMS ruling awarding Viz NTAP and discusses the process to determine substantial similarity. He writes, “to date no other AI technologies have been approved by CMS" and concludes, “without official word from CMS, hospitals have to choose whether to take a risk"

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Time is Expensive. Viz LVO Saves Time and is Clinically Validated.

Viz LVO has been clinically validated in stand-alone centers and hub and spoke networks. The technology is shown to reduce time to treatment. Further, these time savings are associated with improved patient outcomes and increased patient access to care.

Chart showing how saves time with 39% Mean Reduction in Time from PSC Imaging to CSC Arrival (min).
Chart showing how improves clinical outcomes with Mean 5-Day NIHSS and Discharge mRS; median 90-Day mRS (p<0.05)
Chart showing how increases access to care with a 16% increase in patients that qualify for thrombectomy.
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How does NTAP Benefit You?

Case Study: Single Hospital Center

In a stand alone center with 500 suspected ischemic strokes per year, an estimated 131 cases will qualify for NTAP, receiving up to $1,040 per patient. Hence, resulting in a total projected impact of $136,240.

Case Study: Multi-Center System

In a hub and spoke model with 1,500 suspected ischemic strokes per year, an estimated 394 will qualify for NTAP, receiving up to $1,040 per patient. Hence, resulting in a total projected impact of $409,760.

Chart showing the benefit of NTAP to a single center hospital and a multi-center hospital. product suite

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