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Are lung cancer patients falling through the cracks?

Delays in diagnosis, testing, and appropriate treatment increase the risk of advanced-stage lung disease and higher mortality rates. It’s time to break this cycle and prioritize action. Picture a streamlined future where every patient receives timely screening, detection, NGS/PDL1 testing, and optimal treatment. We’re here to bridge the gaps in the patient journey and ensure no one falls through the cracks.

Ensuring a Proactive Approach to Lung Cancer Care can address several clinical practice gaps along the precision oncology care pathway, advancing more patients for targeted therapy.

Enable Early Detection and Follow-up

  • AI-powered detection for timely screening and diagnosis to improve patient outcomes
  • Automated follow-up mechanisms upon detection or imaging results to notify all members of the care team to ensure next-best-action

Accelerate Biomarker Testing

  • Notify oncologist and care team to facilitate NGS & PDL1 testing at time of diagnosis to accelerate and optimize patient treatment options

The Proof is in the Numbers

Because is Embedded in Clinical Workflow We Can Address Gaps at Multiple Points Across the Patient Journey

Case study: FDA-cleared Viz Aneurysm software automatically detects suspected cerebral aneurysms and triages patients for proper monitoring and treatment.


increase in

Incidental unruptured cerebral aneurysm detection (≥4mm)1


increase in

Patients eligible for follow-up1


increase in

Incidental treatable aneurysms (>7mm)1

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Discover how can help accelerate brand growth by reducing delays in diagnosis and enabling optimal treatment for lung cancer patients

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