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AI-powered platform that identifies eligible clinical trial candidates, connects the research team, and accelerates clinical trial enrollment — all in a secure, compliant environment.

Demo of Viz RECRUIT example workflow
Illustration of doctor receiving a mobile alert regarding a patient

Identify trial candidates. Everywhere. Always.

With real time access to hospital imaging, Viz’ AI-powered technology identifies clinical trial patients at the time of evaluation. That means around the clock discovery with notifications sent to the clinical and research teams.

Have specific criteria for your trial? No problem. Viz uses customized AI-powered disease detection based on your specific inclusion and exclusion criteria so you can pre-screen trial eligible candidates across the health system. You can be certain qualified patients are captured for your clinical trial, increasing the likelihood they are enrollment-eligible.

Illustration showing patients connecting to hospitals through's platform

Cast the widest net.

Why just look for candidates in the hub center when you can expand to include the community and rural spoke centers? Viz’ cloud-based technology broadens the recruitment funnel in both size and diversity by also identifying existing patients in the database that are trial-eligible.

Ensure equity in your clinical trials and leave no stone unturned.

Activate your research team (securely).

Once a clinical trial candidate is identified, mobile and desktop alerts are sent to the research team to guarantee they are screened for your trial.  And those alerts get noticed. 100% of Viz RECRUIT alerts are viewed by research teams, with 50% read within the first ten minutes.

The Viz platform includes HIPAA compliant communication so you can coordinate about eligible patients across your network of research and clinical teams.

Illustrations showing patient data connecting to clinicians

One system across all sites.

Different hospitals, different systems, different teams  — doesn’t this get messy? Not with Viz. Viz RECRUIT integrates seamlessly with healthcare IT systems of record (EHR, core labs, etc), creating a complete patient composite to simplify the screening process.

Plus, it’s designed with an expedited screening to enrollment process.

Success Stories

Hear from happy healthcare and life science professionals

Viz RECRUIT cuts out 15-minutes several times a week that I spend reviewing imaging with my research coordinator to confirm measurements.
RECRUIT alerts serve as a needed reminder for my team to follow up on whether the patient is a good candidate for all our trials.
The addition of Viz RECRUIT to the APEX-AV team is the perfect marriage of AI blended with new technology with the purpose of improving patient care in pulmonary embolism.
Quickly identifying and evaluating these patients has been a game changer in terms of our enrollment processes for clinical trials.
Viz RECRUIT is making the lives of my overworked research team easier by boosting resource capacity and decreasing enrollment timelines for trials, the time savings for not having to manually screen patients is substantial.
By automating a lot of these processes, we’ve been able to streamline data collection and data analysis, which is what clinical trials need.

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