AI Powered
Synchronized Stroke Care

Artificial intelligence improving access to life-saving therapies

Standard Stroke Workflow vs Viz Synchronized Workflow

¹ Froehler, M et al. STRATIS Registry.Circulation. 2017 and Viz customer data.

integration with EMS
Ischemic Stroke product suite
Patient Triage
Post-Acute Care referrals to cardiology
Brain to Heart
Post-Acute Care
Pre-Imaging Notification Synchronizing Care - Before Imaging is Done
Viz PAGER Phones


Workflow begins before imaging. Stroke patient journey often starts with the “stroke pager”.

Getting Viz earlier in the workflow:

  • Provides clinical team with early patient information and immediate ability to chat
  • Start synchronizing care before the patient enters the hospital

Integrated Post-Acute Care Referrals 
to Cardiology
Viz LINK Phone


Viz connects neurology and cardiology to facilitate cryptogenic follow up. A consult/referral for continuous monitoring for atrial fibrillation can be made directly within the app.

The only clinically validated technology indicated to automatically detect and triage suspected LVOs using AI
Two phones showing Viz LVO screens.


Uses AI to automatically detect and triage suspected large vessel occlusions across hub and spoke networks.

  • AI Powered Suspected LVO Detection
  • Real time specialist notifications
  • Fast triage across hub and spoke or within thrombectomy capable institutions

World's Largest AI Detection Data Set

Real World LVO Performance

In CTAs from 2,544 consecutive patients across 139 US hospitals using scanners from multiple manufacturers,* Viz LVO has demonstrated 96% sensitivity and 94% specificity identifying LVOs. This is the only peer reviewed data describing the performance of AI powered stroke triage in the real world from any manufacturer.

*Shalitin et al. AI-powered stroke triage system performance in the wild. Journal of Experimental Stroke &Translational Medicine. 2020;12(3):03

Read the Journal Article →
Viz LVO Chart: Specificity of 96%, Specificity of 94%, LVO Prevalence 6% (163/2544). Patients from 139 Hospitals (n=2544) Citation: Shalitin et al. AI-powered stroke triage system performance in the wild. Journal of Experimental Stroke & Translational Medicine. 2020;12(3):03.
Phone with alert going off

Faster Alerts

In 95% of true positive cases, Viz LVO alerted the neurovascular specialist to positive LVOs an average of 52 minutes earlier than in the standard of care.¹

¹ FDA De Novo DEN170073, Core Lab Study

Dr. Don Frei
“ alerts my team to potential LVOs in our network and allows me to quickly view them on my phone. This is the new standard for stroke care.”

Dr. Don Frei

Director, Neurointerventional Surgery, Radiology Imaging Associates/RIA Neurovascular and Swedish Medical Center, Denver

Whether you’re on-call, at home, or on the go in the hospital, with Viz VIEW you can conveniently view stroke images on your phone wherever you are.
Two phone showing Viz VIEW screens.


Viz VIEW is a mobile, non-diagnostic image viewer that enables the dynamic viewing of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images on any Android or Apple phone.

PACS Quality Images on Your Phone

Propriety compression software enables immediate and dynamic mobile image viewing using wifi or your cellular network.

  • NCCT, CTA, CTP, and MR Image Viewing
  • Dynamic Scrolling, Windowing, and Orientation
  • 3D vessel mapping
  • Real-Time NIHSS and ASPECTS Scoring

Doctor reviewing scan from phone app
Dr. David Altschul
“ is the singular most effective change that can improve the quality of life for a neurointerventionalist with a busy stroke service!”

Dr. David Altschul


CT Perfusion powered by AI and designed to conveniently work on your phone wherever you are.
Two phone showing Viz CTP screens.


Viz CTP uses advanced imaging technology to automatically analyze CT perfusion images of the brain, produce parametric color maps, and calculate CT perfusion parameters.

A.I. Enhanced CT Perfusion

Viz CTP uses AI to automatically correct for motion artifact, resulting in 50% fewer motion artifact errors than other platforms.¹

  • Real-Time CT Perfusion Alerts
  • Automated Perfusion Color Maps
  • Customizable Thresholds

¹ Nogueira RG, et al. Viz CTP vs RAPID CTP Comparison. ISC 2019.

Four brain scans.
Raul Nogieura
"Viz CTP uses artificial intelligence to automatically correct for motion artifact and quickly deliver perfusion maps I can trust."

Raul Nogueira, MD

Director in Neuroendovascular Service Marcus Stroke & Neuroscience Center, Grady Health

Secure calling, text, and workflow visualization platform that synchronizes team communication and stroke workflow.
Two phones showing two Viz HUB screens.


Viz HUB is a secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging and calling platform that empowers clinical teams to conveniently coordinate patient care and treatment decisions between hospitals in a hub and spoke network.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

The first HIPAA-compliant communication platform designed to synchronize stroke care in a hub and spoke network.

  • HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging
  • HIPAA-Compliant Calling and Phone Directory
  • Real-Time Patient Workflow Visualization

Phone with a message
Dr. Demetrius Lopes, MD
“Stroke workflow can take 45 minutes, sometimes beyond an hour. This whole process has been cut down to about six minutes.”

Dr. Demetrius Lopes

Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery and the Comprehensive Stroke Program Surgical Director at Advocate Health.

Seamless Systems Integration securely connects to your existing CT scanning technology.

Seamless cloud integration diagram of

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