A New Vision for Healthcare

Viz.ai was inspired by a patient who underwent a successful brain surgery and yet died because the surgery came too late. Systemic – but preventable – process delays had undermined the work of her care team.

Frustrated by the unnecessary delays that had cost his patient her life, neurosurgeon Dr. Chris Mansi committed to finding a better way. At Stanford Business School, Dr. Mansi joined forces with machine learning post-doc Dr. David Golan and together they founded Viz.ai with a goal of using artificial intelligence to make healthcare work faster and smarter. Not just to change it – but to radically transform it.


Our People

  • Amy Vreeland, Life Image
  • Niall Brannon, HCCI
  • Michael Froehler, MD, Vanderbilt
  • Jeffrey Saver, MD, UCLA
  • Blaise Baxter, MD, Erlanger
  • Raul Nogueira, MD, Grady
  • Adi Levy, Operations
  • Ally Ranier, Director of People
  • Amanda Walkinshaw, Customer Success
  • Andy Lund, Sales
  • Anne Kasitaza, Sales
  • Assaf Shechter, Engineering
  • Avi Wolfson, Research
  • Brad Wittenberg, Regional Director (Mideast)
  • Brian Davis, DevOps/Network Engineer
  • Gilad Opher, Mobile Developer
  • Chana Gershom, Documentation
  • Chris Mansi, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Conrad Yiu, CCO
  • Courtney Strobeck, Business Development
  • David Golan, CTO & Co-Founder
  • Derick En’Wezoh, Director of Business Development
  • Dina Begun, Data Manager
  • Dov Goldberg, Mobile Developer
  • Erez Wasserman, Data Manager
  • David Kizner, General Counsel
  • Gregory Holmes, Director of Product, Implementation and Quality
  • Gregory Ramina, Director of Regulatory Affairs
  • Gil Levi, Algorithm Lead
  • Guy Trugman, Algorithm Developer
  • Hagar Tamara, Office Manager
  • Heather Hernandez, Customer Success
  • Ido E. Kunst, CISO & DPO
  • Jay Bee, Core Engineer
  • Julie Ott, Clinical Sales Representative (Midwest)
  • Julie Skaff, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kavi Vyas, VP of Marketing
  • Lisa Guillen, Sales Account Executive
  • David Kizner, General Counsel
  • Manoj Ramachandran
  • Michael Loewenstein, Core Engineer
  • Moran Itzhaki, DevOps Engineer
  • Nadia Mordenfeld, Annotation Specialist
  • Neta Sudry, Annotation Specialist
  • Nicole Limzider. Annotation Specialist
  • Nir Lebovich, Verifications & Validation Specialist
  • Noam Levkovitz, Product Manager
  • Rose Petroff, Operations
  • Sharon Soussan, Software Engineer
  • Shlomi Lanton, Full Stack Web Developer
  • Steven Fried, Vice President of Sales
  • Tsvika Friedman, Verification & Validation Specialist
  • Tzvi Fominykh, Core Engineer
  • Yaniv Milhovitch, Deputy CISO
  • Yuval Duchin, Algorithms Developer
  • Advisors
  • Our Team

Our Investors