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Viz.ai was inspired by a patient who underwent a successful brain surgery and yet died because the surgery came too late. Systemic – but preventable – process delays had undermined the work of her care team.

Frustrated by the unnecessary delays that had cost his patient her life, neurosurgeon Dr. Chris Mansi committed to finding a better way. At Stanford Business School, Dr. Mansi joined forces with machine learning post-doc Dr. David Golan and together they founded Viz.ai with a goal of using artificial intelligence to make healthcare work faster and smarter. Not just to change it – but to radically transform it.

Viz.ai COVID-19 Synchronized Care System

Synchronized Stroke Care

Viz.ai uses artificial intelligence to synchronize stroke care, reducing systemic delays that stand between patients and life-saving treatments. It’s an innovative way of using technology to transform stroke workflow and patient care.

Our suite of A.I. powered products detects and alerts stroke teams to suspected large vessel occlusion strokes, as well as completed CT perfusion studies, in their network within minutes. Stroke teams can consult in real time via a HIPAA-compliant mobile interface, driving fast treatment decisions that save brain and save lives.

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