A Complete Solution from Automated Detection to Timely Treatment

Viz.ai uses artificial intelligence to synchronize stroke care, reducing systemic delays that stand between patients and life-saving treatments. It’s an innovative way of using technology to transform stroke workflow and patient care.

How Are We Synchronizing Care?

Our comprehensive solution uniquely offers both A.I. powered detection and the automation of workflows.

  • Automated Detection of Suspected LVOs
  • Stroke Triage of Suspected LVOs
  • Automated CTP Perfusion Analysis
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Mobile DICOM Image Viewer
  • Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Synchronizing Care Across Teams



A.I. Powered LVO Detection
Viz LVO uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically identify suspected LVOs on CTA imaging in your network and to alert your on-call stroke physician within minutes.

Real-Time Specialist Notifications

A.I. Powered LVO Detection

Automated Maximum Intensity Projections (MIP)



A.I. Powered LVO Detection
Viz CTP uses advanced imaging technology to analyze CT perfusion images of the brain automatically, produce parametric color maps, and calculate CT perfusion parameters.

Real-Time CT Perfusion Alerts

Automated Perfusion Mismatch Mapping

Accurate CBF, CBV, MTT, TMax Calculations



HIPAA Compliant Messaging
Viz HUB is a secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging and calling platform that empowers clinical teams to conveniently coordinate patient care and treatment decisions between hospitals in a hub and spoke network.

HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging

Convenient Calling and Phone Directory

Real-Time NIHSS and ASPECTS Scoring



Mobile DICOM Image Viewer
Viz VIEW is a mobile, non-diagnostic image viewer that enables the dynamic viewing of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images on any Android or Apple phone.

NCCT, CTA, CTP, and MR Image Viewing

Dynamic Scrolling, Windowing, and Orientation

Patient Clinical and Imaging Profiles


Viz.ai Designated as AHA/ASA GWTG® Compatible Vendor

Viz.ai Awarded Best New Radiology Software by AuntMinnie.com

Viz LVO Wins the 2018 Fierce Innovation Award for Clinical Information Management

Seamless Systems Integration

Viz.ai software is compatible with existing CT technology, designed to receive DICOM images directly from your CT scanner to a local virtual machine (VM) behind your network’s firewall.