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Viz RECRUIT is an AI-powered turnkey solution proven to increase patient enrollment by 3x.

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Viz + Your Clinical Trial

Turnkey SaaS Solution Connecting Clinical Research with Clinical Care

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Patient Volume

With Viz RECRUIT you have access to the Viz provider network. Implemented in 1,200+ hospitals and trusted by more than 10,000 providers, the Viz platform analyzes imaging for 2,500 patients per day.

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Candidate Qualification

AI-powered disease detection algorithms are customized based on trial-specific inclusion/exclusion criteria, providing your researchers with pre-screened qualified candidates.

Investigator Engagement

Keep your clinical trial top of mind. More than 90% of alerts notifying doctors of a trial-eligible patient are viewed within the first 5-minutes.

Success Stories

Hear from happy healthcare and life science professionals

Viz RECRUIT cuts out 15-minutes several times a week that I spend reviewing imaging with my research coordinator to confirm measurements.
RECRUIT alerts serve as a needed reminder for my team to follow up on whether the patient is a good candidate for all our trials.
The addition of Viz RECRUIT to the APEX-AV team is the perfect marriage of AI blended with new technology with the purpose of improving patient care in pulmonary embolism.
Quickly identifying and evaluating these patients has been a game changer in terms of our enrollment processes for clinical trials.
Viz RECRUIT is making the lives of my overworked research team easier by boosting resource capacity and decreasing enrollment timelines for trials, the time savings for not having to manually screen patients is substantial.
By automating a lot of these processes, we’ve been able to streamline data collection and data analysis, which is what clinical trials need.

Don’t wait to start accelerating your trial enrollment

Get your drug or device to market faster with AI-powered Viz RECRUIT.

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