Viz LVO Awarded “Best New Radiology Software”

In stroke care, time is brain. Viz LVO has been awarded a 2018 Minnie award by for Best New Radiology Software. Viz LVO is the first FDA cleared AI-based clinical decision support software designed to analyze computed tomography (CT) images and notify specialists of a potential large vessel occlusion in their patients.


Viz LVO uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically identify suspected LVOs on CTA imaging in your network and to alert your on-call stroke physician within minutes. provides the first comprehensive community internet site for radiologists and related professionals in the medical imaging industry.

AuntMinnie provides a forum for radiologists, business managers, technologists, members of organized medicine, and industry to meet, transact, research, and collaborate on topics within the field of radiology with the ease and speed that only the internet can provide. Vertical Logo Transparent Background.png is an applied artificial intelligence healthcare company that works alongside physicians to improve acute medical care. When the brain is injured, every minute matters. Doctors use advanced imaging to diagnose the patient and refer to the right specialist. The faster they can make the diagnosis and transfer that patient the better the patient outcome. At, we are working on deep learning algorithms, and AI aided triage to get the right patient to the right doctor at the right time.